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Natural Sheepskin Rug - Rare Breed

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Natural Sheepskin Rug - Rare Breed

Amazingly soft and tanned only with natural chemicals rare breed sheepskin. Highly unique piece in huge size - the biggest available out there!

It looks great on the sofa, chair, bed, or floor. Might be premium decoration as well as a comfy blanket. It will not only turn your room into the coziest place on earth but also is good for the health - just read up about the benefits of having sheepskin for your baby or toddler to lounge around on!

The whole tanning process is completed on our side - we use only vegetable based chemicals and are sure it is done properly and environmentally friendly.

PLEASE NOTE: each sheepskin of rare breed comes as single piece - these are all natural sheepskins which are not dyed - the patterns are unique, just as nature created them! All pictures displayed here are just exemplary - while ordering, please state in your comment which sample rug you like the most and we will find you the best match available!

Natural Sheepskin Rug - Rare Breed