Family and friends are the most important to us.

Ever since we became mothers, we pay more attention to what we eat, where our waste goes, what we buy, and what we wear.

Unfortunately, the climate crisis, overproduction, and ubiquitous consumerism have somewhat become "cliché" topics - because we hear about them everywhere, everyone talks about them. We don't want these important issues to become "ordinary" and passively accepted.

That's why in our material choices, production methods, and what we offer, we are guided by the philosophy of sustainable development.

Slow fashion:
Sheepskin is one of the oldest materials known to our civilization, used for thousands of years. And rightfully so - sheepskin is a very durable material, regulating temperature, resistant to bacteria, mold, and dirt. Thanks to these properties, our leather products can and should be used for many generations!

Most of our products are unisex and versatile - for example, our "snuggler" can be used as a stroller liner or rocker insert, as a crib cover or play mat for your little one!

We hold close to our hearts fashion that will stay with us longer and respects the resources of our planet.

Local production:
All our leather goods are produced in our family company located in a small town at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. Our clothing and wool products, on the other hand, are made in a tailor's workshop near Krakow.

We support the local community by employing nearby workers, and in our sewing room, work women who  thanks to your support, have a source of livelihood (which often helps them support their entire families or improve difficult life situations they may find themselves in).

Eco-friendly production:
All sheepskins are tanned in our company, giving us control over the tanning agents and methods we use. We avoid harsh chemicals and opt for plant-based solutions so that our products are safe for you, your child, and your four-legged friend.

Avoiding overproduction:
Most of our products are created out of necessity - because we ourselves look for a particular product for ourselves, our sons, dogs, or homes, and we can't find ones that meet our quality and price standards.

Following this path, we believe that our products have their purpose and place in your homes - they are not just another passing trend that will end up in the trash.

Moreover, most of our products are made only when ordered - this allows us to avoid overproduction and unnecessary storage.

Small steps:
We know we still have a lot to do, but we try to follow the path of our set goals and philosophy every day. Small steps lead to success!

Join us and follow our progress on this matter regularly.